We would like to announce the application process for acquiring funds from the Roaring Fork, Corks and Kegs Event that happened in May 2019. 

We have a total of $80,000 that we will distribute during two application windows. The first window of applications will be from August 1st through August 31st, and the second window will be from January 1st through January 31st. We will award $40,000 after the August applications have been closed and $40,000 after the January window. 

This funding is intended for projects and activities that are for students or teachers and may be granted to school-wide, grade level or individual classroom initiatives. These funds will not be awarded to persons seeking funding for athletics, housing assistance or individual teacher professional development. 

Winners will be announced on the website as well as our Facebook page. **Please like our Facebook page to see information of our next event, updates and the 2019/2020 recipients**